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    Charity store in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

    Introduction to the Hope Helpers at We Are Warriors

    Welcome to the heart and soul of our charity shop, The Team at We Are Warriors. This dedicated group of volunteers forms the backbone of our organisation, bringing compassion, energy, and a relentless commitment to making a difference in our community. Each member of The Team contributes uniquely to our mission, working together to create a supportive and uplifting environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

    The Essence of The Team

    At We Are Warriors, The Team embodies the spirit of selflessness and generosity. They are more than just volunteers; they are a family united by a common goal: to support those in need and foster a sense of community. Their unwavering dedication ensures that our charity shop operates smoothly, providing essential services and resources to individuals and families facing difficult times.

    Diverse Roles, Unified Purpose

    Our Team members come from all walks of life, bringing a diverse array of skills and experiences to the table. Some organise and sort donations, ensuring that our shop is always well-stocked with quality items. Others manage the shop floor, offering a warm welcome to customers and assisting them in finding what they need. Behind the scenes, our volunteers handle administrative tasks, coordinate events, and manage social media, spreading the word about our cause and attracting more support from the community.

    Despite their varied roles, what unites The Team is their shared purpose: to make a positive impact. Their work extends beyond the shop, as they engage in outreach activities, support local events, and collaborate with other community organisations. Through their efforts, The Team creates ripples of change that touch countless lives.

    Compassion in Action

    The Team is the epitome of compassion in action. They approach their volunteer work with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help others. Whether it’s spending an extra hour to sort through a mountain of donations or offering a listening ear to someone in need, their kindness knows no bounds. This compassionate approach not only benefits those we serve but also creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within our team.

    Building Community

    At its core, We Are Warriors is about building community, and The Team is central to this mission. They forge strong connections with our patrons, creating a space where everyone feels valued and supported. By fostering these relationships, our volunteers help to break down barriers and build a more inclusive and empathetic community.

    The sense of camaraderie among The Team is palpable. They support and uplift one another, celebrating successes and navigating challenges together. This strong sense of community within our volunteer team is reflected in the positive experiences of those who visit our shop.

    A Force for Good

    The Team is truly a force for good. Their dedication and hard work enable We Are Warriors to thrive, ensuring that we can continue to provide vital services to those who need them most. Each volunteer’s contribution, no matter how big or small, is instrumental in driving our mission forward.

    As you read through the individual stories of The Team, you’ll discover the passion and commitment that each person brings to our group. Their personal journeys and motivations for volunteering are as diverse as they are inspiring. Together, they form a mosaic of hope and resilience, demonstrating the incredible impact that a dedicated group of volunteers can have.

    In celebrating The Team, we honour their invaluable contributions and recognise the profound difference they make every day. They are the heart of We Are Warriors, and their unwavering support fuels our ongoing efforts to create a brighter, more hopeful future for all.

    Allison Chambers

    Team leader with the shop amazing Allison has just blossomed as  a warrior and takes her role very seriously . Has helped many over the last few years and always sees things through to the end . Does full time at the shop and organises all the rotas and works very hard

    Hopwood & Blow

    David and Stephen joined us when we opened the shop and are in every Monday to do their shift at warriors . They always support our  efforts to help others .  Long time warriors . Stephen Is on our board and always listens and advises us on many issues. David suffered horrific injuries last year and has had health problems but nearly back to himself . Great fun to be around.

    Lane & Nourrice

    Mark and George another couple who joined us way back when the shop opened , they are truly amazing to have in the shop and Wednesdays are just fabulous when they whizz around the place , cleaning and sorting everything .

    They are the perfect couple and we love them . Always there when needed.

    Linda Barret

    Linda our gentle little lady but a giant not to be messed with . Linda helps when she can and lives a very busy life here so it’s always nice when Linda calls in to support our various causes .

    Linda Gale

    Our other Linda who has been with us for a while also , helps us in many ways   , always an ear to listen with Linda   , who has always worked alongside us and contributed to keeping the shop looking good . A friendly lady with time for everyone

    Carolyn Eykyn

    Our amazing librarian who has volunteered most of her life I think , 🤔 in between her visits to the uk and being on GC Carolyn is a quiet efficient person who just gets on with things no messing .  We love to see her around the shop and always checking everything is in order .

    Tony Orbaum

    Tony our warrior translator and language expert. Having suffered 3 strokes it’s actually amazing how tony bounced back from his last hospital stay. But sheer determination and strong will haz him back to full strength.

    A guy who’s reliable and strong ,a true warrior has helped many people in many ways . He’s like our security guard these days on the door checking those in and out of the shop .  Takes his role on the board very seriously and also advises us on legal matters .

    Mr grumpy sometimes but sometimes our patience is tested to the limit . Loves his tea and Leeds United

    Irene Zirfelt

    One of our newer volunteers Irene had help herself from warriors and wanted to repay us in some way so of course the best way is to help in the shop   , so Irene is in twice a week, sorting  and cleaning and always with a smile .

    Svanhild Jonskås

    Our little Norwegian Octarian our oldest volunteer and just simply amazing can work a full day non stop several days a week.   Knows the whole routine in the shop and you can’t catch her . Summer time in Norway but back in the winter and helping warriors is her passion . Simply amazing

    Kay Farrow

    Our lovely kay who drives from Gáldar every Thursday to spend the day with us at the shop   Another one who just keeps going all day . A great asset who loves a challenge . Kay is off for a hip replacement so won’t be around until she’s able to drive again . So we wish Kay speedy recovery.

    Patricia Carolan Grosso

    Our retired nurse who volunteers twice a week , came to GC on her own and has made a new life here . Having lived in the USA 🇺🇸 and of Irish ☘️ blood Patricia steady and calm and confident not everyone can make a move on their own . Always with a cheery attitude and smile for everyone , Patricia is reliable and helpful and always looking out for everyone.

    Tim Sørensen

    ol 😂 yeh Mr Tim

    Who have to say has worked 6 days a week for a long time and has helped us raise a lot to help others . Been in the shop for 3 years and has done a lot of good things , sometimes taking on too much . On a break atm away from the shop and Rico .Helped so many with those dreadful things needed to fly back when we were just recovering from covid saved a few from nervous breakdowns . Tim has a good heart 💜 and needs to have time for himself for a while .Captain Tim a mystery at times . An enigma for sure . Has been a great help around the shop

    Julie Bayntun

    Julia joined warriors volunteers this year to cover for Carolyn in the library so Julia has been a good help and actually supplied us with a lovely large book case . A lovely lady always smiling and happy and does a great job 👏

    Mary Bates

    Mary has been volunteering this year and has become a keen supporter of warriors . Mary helps on a Tuesday for a few hours and has found herself some knew friends amongst the volunteers enjoying a weekend away to las Palmas . It’s nice that friendships have been formed some even embarking on cruises together .  Mary is a kind and caring person who loves life and enjoys being around others. A lovely lady .

    Strength in Unity: We Are Warriors

    Our Russian volunteer nurse . Works 2 days in the week giving advice and she does massages facials and donates to warriors.


    Kiki is from Belgium and works like whirlwind when in the shop .  She is quick omg 😳 and every things done like that no messing when she’s in town . Kiki is fun and full of life and supports all our events with enthusiasm.

    Janie Symons Carte & Lesley Thacker

    Janie and Lesley both came to warriors like a team really supporting each other in life and as friends . They do 2 days and more if required . They are quiet and friendly. Warriors volunteers are special and help us to achieve so much . They are all different individuals with their own personalities and in joining our team become part of a very special unit . Lesley has grown into a great warrior and is always on standby . Janie in her own way has gained more confidence in herself and it’s been good to see her smiling more . They are our Thelma and Louise .

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