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    In memory of the loved and missed Anita Pugh

    The beginning...

    The Warriors Origins - By Karen Williams

    Not so long ago on a planet 🌍 that came to a standstill because of covid ,in August 2020 I created a family and friends Facebook page so we could all connect around the world never actually expecting such a response so from just 4 people in the beginning of the group just grew and grew . We were all anxious and afraid I guess as to what was happening.

    We would all help each other with situations that were alien being locked in was not the life we all knew and loved .

    The situation here on GC became quite serious quickly with people unable to support them selves with basic food . The protocol of obtaining assistance from the powers that be was very slow . People used their savings maxed their credit cards to survive to keep businesses a float , not much help came to those in need .

    We started collecting food supplies around November 2020 my house was like a cash and carry . Those who could afford to help did so . Our first delivery was actually to Telde to a cañarían chef who was obviously 🙄 not working but realized his street needed feeding , so he cooked from his kitchen . We took many car trips up with supplies , so our first effort was helping the people who were from GC It became clear we needed to help so many others . The name warriors just happened one day I just said blimey were all warriors here fighting to survive. People were wanting to help and my friend Sue banks and a lady I had not met Anita Pugh asked to join in with the efforts . We actually put 50 euros in each to start things up.

    Anita was amazing and worked tirelessly to raise funds to support businesses and we started the cards and the events Anita and her husband would be out most nights around the town selling raffle tickets, making people aware that warriors were helping people. The shop was something that happened through another friend Helen Cordingly she noticed the empty unit and we just went for it . We managed to convince the owner to reduce the rent and we moved in and refitted the place with much help from Robert and Leighan and Helen . Sadly Anita never saw the shop and had moved away from GC and tragically passed away too young to die but she left her 💜

    Purple Heart everywhere around town people loved Anita her enthusiasm and smile lifted so many . We opened the shop in may 2021 and it has become so much to so many and helped several hundreds of people in many many ways . We are in year 4 now covid has left its scars around and people still require help so we continue on . We have over 20 volunteers who work the shop and without them we couldn’t do all that we do .

    We rely on donations from you the public , And the shop has an amazing happy feel about it we do help people . So that’s a rough guide my friend sue stepped down from warriors as did the others from the beginning as they felt it was mine and they moved on Robert and Leighan opened paws charity in argeniguin but recently closed it down. With Helen at elegance went back to work after covid.

    We started out with 4 Warriors we are now 1700 Warriors!

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